the soulful technology of meditation

Meditation is an art, slowly woven into a skill. It involves the freedom to let go of your thoughts and keep coming back to stillness. meditation can help you create trust in yourself, a joyful life and unwavering focus. The benefits of meditation are endless. From relief of chronic stress to chronic pain, meditation can support a centered and peaceful lifestyle, helping you to detach from that which does not support you. You can find these meditations and more on my YougTube Channel.
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The word yoga means integration or a coming together. The word nidra means waking sleep. Yoga Nidra is a style of guided meditation infused with physical relaxation, breathing meditation, affirmation and physical relaxation. Yoga Nidra is reclined, so you will be relaxed on your back the entire time. Use a pillow beneath your head and/or your knees for comfort.
Yoga Nidra: Affirm Self Love
& Self Trust
Yoga Nidra: Experience Deep,
Relaxed Sleep
Yoga Nidra: Experience Deep Relaxation Through Reclined Meditation
Yoga Nidra: Experience Your Higher Self
In This Reclined Meditation
Meditate to connect 
with you Spiritual Guide
Meditate Upon Your
Humanity & Divinity
the following guided meditations range from subtle energy meditation to affirmative meditations. guided meditation is a tool to support stress relief, spiritual connection and clarity. these meditations can be done seated on the floor or in a chair. 
Meditate Upon Cosmic Energy
Ease into deep interstellar connection
Meditate Upon Your Breath
and Feel Your Subtle Energy Body
Meditate Upon Earth Energy
Deepen Your Connection To Gaia
Meditate Upon And Affirm Your Authentic Power