Intuitive Email Reading

guidance from the higher self

An Intuitive Energy Reading through email is a "distance" reading of the energy brought forth through three intentional questions. The service includes a personalized, intuitively channeled reading typed out by myself, DeeDee Jones. Just as I do in my in-person sessions, I will read your energy along with the energy of the questions, meditate and allow information to come through from your higher self, guides and/or loved ones. In this session many things can come through according to what your soul wants to relay: stream of consciousness guidance, messages through visions, akashic heritage, spirit animals/insect, messages from ancestors, and more. 

How do I go about getting a reading?

Click on the link below to pay through PayPal. Once you have booked you will receive an email from me. Make sure that your PayPal email on file is the email you want to use. (If not, please email me at

In response to my email, type your 3 questions with short, compact elaboration. If your reading involves a person, include names or titles so that I can provide detailed information in return. There are no "bad" questions. Center yourself  and relax as you come up with your questions. Do not sugar coat your asking. All readings are done within 24 hrs of booking unless booked on a Friday.

***Important: If you book on a Friday, you will receive your reading on Monday before 5pm. Bookings made on holidays will have a 48 hr turn around time.***

How does this work?

Everything and everyone is energy. Through years of practice, study, and coming back to myself, I have come to know understand that we are all intuitive. I have journalled my entire life and I started to receive messages and guidance from my higher self, my guides and the universal life force that pervades all. I decided to turn this into a practice for others. I believe that spiritually and scientifically, there is no time or space between us.  Because of the inter-connected, holographic nature of the universe, I am able to tune into your energy field and bring through thorough, non-biased, compassionate messages as well as detailed guidance and images to support your journey. This is also done in my in-person Therapeutic Energy Healing sessions. Please feel free to ask any questions for your comfort before purchasing. I am open.

DeeDee Jones

What People Are Saying:

My intuitive reading was amazing and everything that came up resonated with the path I was on at the time. It gave me clarity and helped me continue to heal and work toward the intentions I had set for myself. Since my reading I’ve been able to relax, allow, and stay aligned with a much clearer view. Dee Dee is so amazing, I absolutely love her.


I cannot say enough about this beautiful woman. Dee Dee has been a part of my journey from the beginning and has always provided valuable insight during our sessions.  I was excited to learn about her Intuitive Email Reading service and ordered my session soon after. I knew it would be an amazing experience and she proved to be the real deal once again. The information I received from my Email Reading resonated powerfully with my spirit and spoke volumes about the direction of my life.  I would whole-heartedly, highly recommend this service for self-care or as a gift for someone else. Namaste’.   


“DeeDee tuned in to an intense set of circumstances in my life in March of 2019 and was instrumental in clarifying my path forward.  Her voice is deliberate, forthcoming, intuitive and exacting coupled with an incredible awareness to read into a situation with empathetic wisdom. I return to the reading at least monthly to help unlock my own internal wisdom and intuition, and highly recommend those needing guidance to work with DeeDee using this powerful technique."


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you predict the future? 

I do not predict the future I read energy and in that energy there exists potentials. I get visions, pictures, sense feelings and mental constructs that may influence your future.

2. What are the benefits of getting a reading?

Stress relief, clarity and direction. Support in decision-making, insight into circumstances and relief. Depending upon the reading: health advice, affirmation and confirmation in purpose among other subjects.

3. Are there any questions you can’t answer?

I do not make predictions about death, lottery numbers or stocks. All questions are based upon your energy make-up/vibration at the current moment of the reading. It is up to you to shift your vibration or maintain the path to create the potential outcomes.

4. How long does it take to receive my reading after I’ve purchased one?

24 hrs from the point of purchase. If there is a back up in the processed, you will be notified immediately.

5. Are you going to tell me something bad?

I will answer your questions honestly and straight to the point. I do not dumb down or soften what is received. The way in which I receive is specific to your souls direction. If I do, then I may enable a bad habit. However, my readings are very holistic and compassionate because that is how I choose to live my life. What you receive will support the highest calling of your soul.

6. Can you give me messages from my deceased loved ones or a past life?

Yes and sometimes people who have passed (ancestors)show up to support a message. Akashic lifetime visions may also come through to help you understand your current incarnation.

7. How often do you recommend getting a reading?

This varies from person to person. I recommend processing the information you have received in your initial reading first. Then after you feel things have unfolded and there is a depth of understanding, then perhaps get another. I do not recommend getting readings all of the time. This can become too much if you are not taking time to process and heal stagnation in your energy field. Give yourself space, patience and nurturing self-care. You are a sovereign energy being and I am here to support you in embodying that sovereignty; so that one day you are walking in your own intuition. 

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