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Creation Or Chaos

If there is anything we can learn as human beings, individually, collectively and historically, is that in awakening there is chaos. It’s a time to reveal the debt of our death creating fear, the internal struggle of our weary minds, and the secret joys of our life manifesting hearts. To close your eyes and struggle with change inflicts dis-ease, discomfort and a rampant build up of stagnation. Which way of life will you choose?

To own your tragedies as victor instead of the victim and let go of nightmares dressed with self created struggle is saintly. To look in the eye of the evolutionary process of your spirit, even with bewilderment, is power. You may not know what the newness will bring, but you know that if you push it down….you have no place to go but to a mind created past. But if you stand in the wilderness of change knowing that you are both the creation and co-creator you will let go of the fear based race of separatism, knowing that it was an illusion all along. Sit quietly without self-based projection and the spirit of God within you will speak clearly and reveal your part. But know that God within does not speak in fear and flight. But in power and love. Without condition. And so it is. Namaste’ Love, A Spirit Named DeeDee 


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