intuitive readings + group healing + connection

Soul Sessions

In Person or Virtual

Image by Shane Rounce

What is it?

2 Hour Intuitive Reading Session for groups of 6 people

Who is this for?

This is a special shared group experience for friends and/or family members who love each other and resonate spiritually. This session will deepen your connection through vulnerability, kinship and shared dreams. You can plan this for a small tea party or as part of a small event. And I would love it if you shared your own group healing intention! My intention behind all readings coming through is the highest and deepest support of every person involved.


The Process

We will start with a small introduction to connect and summarize our session. This will then move into an energy clearing of the space and all persons involved. There will then be a collective reading which will lead into precise individual readings. Throughout the reading solution-based healing information will be offered to support the collective and each individual moving forward. We will close the meeting with a grounding exercise and questions.



$500 for the group

*Readings more than 15 miles from Soul Technologies or outside of the Baton Rouge area will incur a drive time fee.

*Payment is due 1 day prior to the event