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To Spirit

What is Soul Remembrance?

Soul Remembrance is re-calibrating, recognition and coming back to one's self. This coaching journey is an intuitive inner exploration immersed in Spirit; Enhancing your connection to your true nature. On this journey we will use simple, meditative tools to help you uncover the deepest desires of your heart beyond what you have been told to want. I am a guide with nurturing intuition which enables me to aide in creating space for awakening. As your spiritual coach I will support you and provide the tools to help you go within in a gentle way. We will also cultivate knowledge and understanding with healing technologies, infusing good habits into your life. 

How to Start Your Journey


Schedule Your Free Soul 2 Soul Session

We will connect for a 45 minute, FREE phone session to connect and learn more about each other. In this session we will share and review your soul intentions for this time in your life. It will help us discover whether or not it is nourishing for your soul to go on this journey at the requested time and whether or no I am the coach for you.


Commit To Your Journey

Once you make a commitment to this journey it is time to create the space for practice, dedication to yourself. This is a journey to facilitate self love and activate the remembrance of your self sufficient radiance.  As your coach I will remain present and provide the space for you to nurture yourself with self love and deep inner transformation. This is an intuitive journey designed to first activate surrender in order to hear your spirit. Second we will heal the mind through different meditation techniques. Thirdly we will heal the body through health tips, education and physical movement.

heal your






As stated above this is a 3 MONTH PROGRAM and we will meet once a week for one hour.  Some of the tools used consist of  Yoga, Meditation, Crative Visualization, Energy Healing SessionsQuantum Akashic Therapy Session and more.

Investment: $1440

Payment Options:

1. Pay in Full at first session and Receive $100 Off = $1340

2. Half Up Front ($720 at First Session) & Other Half Midway

What will this include? 

  • 12 One on One, 60 minute sessions scheduled once per week

  • Intuitive guidance along with intuitive readings in each session.

  • Powerful takeaway practices customized for you

  • Personalized, soulful techniques to eradicate unhealthy habits

  • Email support

  • Personalized resources that are simple and highly individualized to your lifestyle

  • Lifestyle suggestions that will have you feeling peaceful, confident, and alive

  • Personalized gifts for inspiration and support

  • My complete support and unwavering commitment


The technologies we will choose from:

  • Yoga Nidra Meditations

  • Energy Healing Sessions

  • Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

  • Self Care Rituals

  • Esoteric Rituals for Release and Spiritual Cleansing

  • Self Healing Meditations

  • ......and more

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