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***Cancellation Policy: Refunds for cancellations prior to booked appointments with DeeDee Jones of Soul Technologies will be 75% to cover all transaction fees and 

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therapeutic energy healing.

intuitive healing and deep rest.

Therapeutic energy healing is a vibrational healing technology in which I create a clear connection with the human subtle/spiritual body to create healing in the physical body. This session includes intuitive healing of the chakras, meridians, the mental and emotional fields and the light body. In this session you will also receive an intuitive energy reading to provide confirmation and guidance after the session. An akashic understanding or a metaphoric vision can also come through for guidance. All of the information is written down so that you can take it with you. From this practice you will feel energized, connected to your spirit, and mentally balanced. 


what can I expect?

A sacred space is created and through intuitive discussion, which leads to uncovering and understanding. Then the client is led into a deeply relaxed state while resting on a massage table. The practitioner then, through intuitive seeing, hearing and sensing places her hands on or above the body to facilitate physical, mental and emotional healing. Click Here To Learn More

intuitive email reading.

a message from the higher self.

An Intuitive Energy Reading through email is a "distance" reading of the energy brought forth through three intentional questions. The service includes a personalized, intuitively channeled reading typed out by myself, DeeDee Jones. Just as I do in my in-person sessions, I will read your energy along with the energy of the questions, meditate and allow information to come through from your higher self, guides and/or loved ones. In this session many things can come through according to what your soul wants to relay: stream of consciousness guidance, messages through visions, akashic heritage, spirit animals/insect, messages from ancestors, and more. 


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quantum akashic therapy.

the journey of healing beyond space and time.

Quantum Akashic Therapy is a therapeutic journey that enables you to communicate with the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself in order to create healing. As a multi-dimensional being you are able to connect to the akash, which is an aspect of your dna/energy field which holds memory of past lives, your current state, the potentials of future lives and the journeys inbetween.


what can I expect?

To initiate the session we will create healing intentionional questions for the process. While lying on your back I will support and assist you with meditation and energy techniques to enter into the realm of the soul. While you are in an expansive, timeless state I will guide you on the journey. This is not hypnotism, you are fully aware and in control the entire time. Click Here To Learn More

Soul Remembrance Healing Journey

the path of awakening.

Soul Remembrance Healing Journey is an intuitive path immersed in Spirit; Enhancing your connection to your true nature. On this journey we will use simple, meditative tools to help you uncover the deepest desires of your heart beyond what you have been told to want. I am a guide with nurturing intuition which enables me to aide in creating space for awakening. As your spiritual coach I will support you and provide the tools to help you go within in a gentle way. We will also cultivate knowledge and understanding of self healing technologies while inspiring good life habits. 

spacial cleansing.

the enhancing and activation of peace in your environment.

Spacial cleansing is for those who feel they want to create a peace in a new or previously occupied home. If you feel unsettling energy in your space, techniques will be used to transform, release energy or simply understand the accumulation of energy in each room. 


what to expect

In this cleansing and healing session I will come in and sit in meditative inquiry to receive messages from your energy and/or any energy foreign to you that is attached to the home. Each room will be cleansed through prayer, blessings and energy healing technologies. You will also receive a healing blessing over your being to activate a resonating intention between you and your home. Also expect to receive recommendations to maintain the loving energy created in that space.

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