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intuitive energy reading

a gateway to in depth understanding

To begin we will connect with your intention with what I call Intuitive Unearthing, gentle non-judgmental conversation sparked by the energy behind your words. I will help you understand stagnating thoughts, emotions and situations through deep listening which stimulates my intuition. It is possible I will hear from your higher self, guides, get information about past lives, or help you retrieve answers buried in your subconscious mind. 

Many things can come through according to what your soul wants to relay or any questions that have been on your heart:

  • stream of consciousness guidance (flow of intuitive info)

  • messages through visions

  • akashic/past life information

  • dream interpretation

  • spirit animals/insect

  • messages from ancestors

  • starseed information

  • and more

Special Price: If you are having financial difficulties

intuitive email reading.

a message from the higher self.

An Intuitive Energy Reading through email is a "distance" reading of the energy brought forth through three intentional questions. The service includes a personalized, intuitively channeled reading typed out by myself, DeeDee Jones. Just as I do in my in-person sessions, I will read your energy along with the energy of the questions, meditate and allow information to come through from your higher self, guides and/or loved ones. In this session many things can come through according to what your soul wants to relay: stream of consciousness guidance, messages through visions, akashic heritage, spirit animals/insect, messages from ancestors, and more. 

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Special Price: If you are having financial difficulties

therapeutic energy healing

a journey of profound healing and understanding

Intuitive Unearthing

To begin we will connect and start the session with an energy reading. I will help you unearth and understand stagnating thoughts  and emotions through intuitive listening.

Energy Healing

This part of the session deep mental relaxation, chakra balancing, emotional healing, physical relaxation, and more healing technologies to support your healing intention.

Intuitive Writing

In my sessions I usually receive visions, information from guides, spirit animals and/or information I receive from your body or energy field. I write all of this down for you to take away.

for college & trade

school students

Quantum Akashic Therapy

Intentional Questions

To begin we will connect and start the session by formulating three intentional questions as a foundation and guidance through the session.

Soul Embodiment

This part of the session is the induction and guided journey. It includes affirmation, merkaba (light body) activation, and visualization. This enables you to merge with your soul and recollect akashic memory.


Once we are complete I will take the time needed to help you ground through conversation and review.

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