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Quantum Akashic Journey

*** Do not book this session if you have no previous experience in meditation or energy healing/reiki, problems with incessant thinking and/or the inability to calm your mind. The pre-requisite is experience in energy healing/reiki and meditation. For an alternative, please book the Therapeutic Energy Healing Session for a deeply relaxing, supportive, meditative, yet powerfully revealing experience.***

Quantum Akashic Journey is a therapeutic journey that enables you to communicate with the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself in order to create healing. As a multi-dimensional being you are able to connect to the akash, which is an aspect of your dna/energy field which holds the energy of lifetime that can support you in creating shifts in your life. In this session you can experience the potentials of future lives and the journeys in-between.

what can I expect?

To initiate the session we will create healing and intentional questions for the process. While resting on your back I will guide you into an altered state using meditations, visualizations and energy techniques. While you are in this expansive, timeless state you may experience the ethereal realm of creation, the astral realm of the mind (memory), other places in the galaxy, and more. This is not hypnotism, you are fully aware and in control the entire time. 

what are the benefits of this therapy?

  • awakening to parallel lives (past, present and future lives)

  • understanding one's general purpose in this life

  • learn how present emotional blockages were developed

  • learn who present friends or family members are in former lives

  • emotional release through deep understanding of your souls path

  • understand where current blocks or stagnation from your current life stem from

  • understand soul mate relationships (remember, we have many soulmates)

  • understand food/health state and get suggestions for proper food decisions

  • meet spiritual guides 

what is the human akash

the akash is the multi-dimensional aspect of the human being which holds the information of the present, former lives and the potentials of future lives. the akash is located in the multi-dimensional dna with the higher self, the part of you that is linked directly to your soul.

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