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I help people unearth the wisdom of their own souls through intuitive guidance & ancient healing technologies.
My desire is to support you in coming home to yourself through self-love, peace & energy-sovereignty.



My name is DeeDee!
I am an Intuitive Healer
& Spiritual Guide.

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 With over 15 years of experience in intuitive guidance, energy healing, meditation and more, I will act as a conduit for healing information and  a compassionate guide. 
This 12-week journey back to energy sovereignty, will inspire growth, enhance personal intuition, ignite self-love and  inspire recognition of your true nature as a whole being.

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Happy Meditator
Meditative Energy

Healing Yoga Nidra accompanied with Energy Healing, Light Language
& Sound Healing
Quantum Akashic

Light Body/Merkaba Activation & Energy Healing followed by guidance through the Akashic Field
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Claire W.

I'm very happy I chose to work with DeeDee one on one and attend various workshops. She offers wisdom and knowledge while maintaining a sense of humor. I deeply believe in the importance of her work.

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Debbie B.

DeeeDee is easily one of the most connected and radiant souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Through her gifts I have been able to unearth more truth, balance and light in my life. Thank you , DeeDee, for sharing your gifts and talents with the planet.

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Sage K.

DeeDee is such a beautiful, giving soul. My session with her was restorative, relaxing and enlightening.  She has a true gift of deep intuition and also has a huge heart. Thanks DeeDee for being who you are and then sharing that with the world.


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