the infinite essence of a

human being

an art or a science, a systematic treatment or skill

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Looking for clear, conscious answers from higher self, guides, a deceased loved one, or in need of guidance in difficult situations.
In need of mind, body, spirit healing. Want to balance chakras? Akashic reading? Energy reading? Deepen your spiritual journey?
If you are experienced, if you are ready Soul embodiment. Looking to understand past life, purpose, heal the mind or remember who you are.
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what people are saying

Claire W.

I'm very happy I chose to work with DeeDee one on one and attend various workshops. She offers wisdom and knowledge while maintaining a sense of humor. I deeply believe in the importance of her work.

Debbie B.

DeeeDee is easily one of the most connected and radiant souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Through her gifts I have been able to unearth more truth, balance and light in my life. Thank you , DeeDee, for sharing your gifts and talents with the planet.

Sage K.

DeeDee is such a beautiful, giving soul. My session with her was restorative, relaxing and enlightening.  She has a true gift of deep intuition and also has a huge heart. Thanks DeeDee for being who you are and then sharing that with the world.

Yoga Nidra: Experience Deep Sleep Through Reclined Meditation
Yoga Nidra: Experience Your Higher Self
In This Reclined Meditation

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