the infinite essence of a human being, the higher self
an art or a science, a systematic treatment or skill. 
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Soul Technologies are systematic practices born of the soul; the infinite essence of our being. As a Holistic Health Coach I use intuitive healing technologies to support growth, healing and soul recognition. My intention is to collaborate with you soulfully, beyond your struggle as a human being, to help you remember that you are infinite in your ability to love and ascend. I believe that at the essence of our being all humans have the choice and availability to heal; if we say yes to the potential in our spirit. We are creators. We are the technology.
Yoga Nidra: Experience Deep Sleep Through Reclined Meditation
Yoga Nidra: Experience Your Higher Self
In This Reclined Meditation
Each workshop is designed to support healing. Every training is designed to uplift and raise vibration; meaning to lighten the spirit and enhance the knowing that the load does not need to be heavy. Integration, Inner Peace and Soulful Awareness is the intention.
Restoration & Self Care
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Dee Dee is the ultimate professional, meeting all of her students where they are, offering constant guidance, affirmation, encouragement and support. I was fortunate to attend a Reiki training session with Dee Dee, as well. It was truly powerful! 

- Johnette

On Yoga Nidra:

That Shit was better than Xanax.


She helps me to clear any energy that needs to be released and has helped to provide some profound insights into what might be happening in my world.

-Christi C.

She is the most genuine and giving person that I know and radiates strength and love throughout every class.....  

-Natalie L.

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