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Come Home to Yourself
DeeDee Jones, energy healer, meditation facilitator and intuitive guide
Come Home to Yourself
and Empower Yourself From Within

On this journey, I will meet you where you are with kindness & 

sacred guidance.

I will work with you compassionately & design a path to help you remember your sacred, authentic self.




Learn to be sovereign over your energy field

Unearth inhibitions to self-love & compassion

Awaken to your self-healing potential

Awaken through energy healing practices

Receive healing intuitive guidance weekly

Learn to ground; mind, body and spirit

Understand resonance & manifestation

Awaken to your own innate intuition


You want to remember who you are

You want to unlock ancestral trauma

You want to reclaim your intuition

You want to release self-degradation

You want to release unhealthy relationships 

You wish to build healthy boundaries

You want to be free from social boxes

DeeDee Jones, energy healer, meditation facilitator and intuitive guide

DeeDee is a very calming spirit. I have done private sessions with her and have been to workshops. I have only had eye opening experiences with her. I always leave feeling loved and ready to grow spiritually.

~Meghan Hebert

Healing Tools We Will Use
Intuitive Energy Readings
Energy Healing & Clearing
Breathing Exercises
By the end of our 1-on-1 healing journey, you can expect to:

Know the difference in your energy & others

Practice Sovereign Intuition

Understand & nurture your energy field

Peacefully manage your energy

Understand Manifestation

Feel safer in your body

Meditate more deeply

DeeDee Jones, energy healer, meditation facilitator and intuitive guide

What To Expect From Me:

Non-Judgmental Guide

My style of guidance is not one of force, ownership or attachment to your journey. It is my intention to inspire self-sovereignty and responsibility over one's own energy. I will relay information to you intuitively that may challenge you because of the depth but also aligns with your experiences; always making sure you understand.

Meditation Facilitator

My meditative process is vast and cosmic, yet grounding. My intention is to help you experience all aspects of yourself in a kind way; both earthly and universally cosmic. With care, I will support you in understanding the programs that keep you bound to cycles in your life. The tools I use are Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Breathing Meditation, Shadow work, Energy Healing Meditations, Visualization exercises and more.

DeeDee Jones, energy healer, meditation facilitator and intuitive guide

Intuitive Healer

My healing process is all intuitive, which means my ego goes out of the window. My intuitive process is to connect directly with the higher self-soul of a person in order to support you in unraveling and clearing many levels of your mental and emotional fields. I read the information below the surface and transform it into a healing path. My reading process is simultaneously gentle and raw, yet compassionate.

Energy Healer

I am a therapeutic energy healer, which means my sessions will feel peacefully therapeutic yet deeply awakening. I am a Reiki Master in two different styles of Reiki, with over 15 years of experience. I am a self-taught intuitive, through akashic memory, immersing in healing retreats, trainings, living and working with master teachers in prana-tantra yoga, Reiki and meditation.


Our Time Together

This journey is designed to meet your individual healing needs. Your mind and heart are first priority.

We will meet for 1 on 1 sessions
once a week over a 12 week period
Zoom or In-Person
Typical Sessions are 90 minutes 
with one 3-hour  Akashic Journey

Between Sessions:
Your self-dedication between sessions is important to inspire inner shifts and I am excited to help you with
email support, email readings & more.

Your Investment:
1 Payment of $4350
3 Payments of $1450

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