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home blessing & clearing

A Home Blessing is the process of uplifting, clearing and aligning the energy of your home with your intentions for a peaceful, serene living space. What that looks like is different for everyone, but here is what generally comes with this offering:

  1. A sage clearing of each room

  2. Palo Santo healing for each room

  3. Energy Reading of the home

  4. Inside and Perimeter Blessings/Clearing

  5. You will receive a Personal Energy Blessing in conjunction to your home, including any guidance that comes through

  6. Sound Bath of the entire home with Healing Quartz Crystal Bowls

  7. Includes any Crystals or Items I feel led to get for your home.

Investment: $400

***Your investment may be subject to additional charges such drive time, square footage and large homes with 4 or more bedrooms, rec rooms and large 2 story homes.

***Please Allow a minimum of 2 Hrs for this service

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Image by Karly Jones
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Home Blessing FAQs

1.  What is a home blessing & clearing?     

A home blessing and/or clearing is the process of transforming and uplifting the energy of a space using energy healing, herbs, and more. It consists of supporting the client and space to be in alignment energetically, transforming or helping disturbances to release the space, preparing a space to be inhabited and more. My process consists of blessing the inside and outside perimeter of the house along with each room. I also clear the energy of the client and share what intention and information is needed to keep the vibration of the home soothing and in alignment with their intentions.

2. Why do a home blessing?

  • For a new home to solidify your intentions for your future in the home.

  • If you have just moved into an older home and are uncertain about the history or you know that there was a traumatic experience before you lived there.

  • If you have had a traumatic experience in the home.  

  • If your energy has shifted while living in a space and you have awakened resonance with old energies that may not have connected to you before.

  • After Illness or Death

  • After a home invasion

  • After a divorce, break-up or roommate moves out

  • After you remove clutter from your home

3. How should I prepare my space?

Make sure your home is clean. That is all. If you home is not clean, the blessing is not supported.

4.  What should I expect after my home blessing?

You should expect to feel more peaceful, safe, and connected to your home. You may experience better sleep and feel a sense of clarity. This can activate a desire to be picky about who enters your space and that is ok. It is your sanctuary. You honor it by honoring yourself.

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