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The Meditator is The Healer

When you shine the un-distorted light of your awareness into the corners of your body-mind, you heal your Self. You can awaken sub-conscious, un-conscious emotions from the past that, sometimes, you wont even be able to name. You may feel the pain…the ache….the yearning….What is most important is that you sit with that feeling, breathe into that energy and allow it to have it’s time in the sun of your awareness. And. Feel. The pain, ache or yearning that feels like an enemy is ignorance…an ignorance that did not get the chance to experience the truth; which is Love. The love that is wisdom and sees the entire picture of life. The love that is compassionate understanding. The love that is so spacious that anything can pass through it’s alchemical presence and transform. The light of that love turns the radio dial and transforms that energy into it’s polar opposite. What is that love? Where can you find it? It is you. It is you my love. Your eternal presence is love. Without the societal construct of comparison or the need to live up to something or someone… It is you in your organic form living the inspiration that is birthed from YOUR belly. It is You. The tears ask you to feel, see your beauty…feel the pain that is yearning to explode into it’s divine self. Love your tears….and they will love you back by unleashing the wisdom of the pain in your heart.

 DeeDee Jones


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