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The Chaos of Realization

If you allow it to be.⁠

There is nothing wrong with the feeling of anger rising up in the face of recognition, fear and injustice. But what matters most is how we process the emotion. Emotions are knocks on the door of our hearts and minds asking us to listen, reflect, clear our minds to see, hear or give to ourselves. The less we listen the more it knocks and the more we push it down the more it explodes forth making us feel like there is a stranger living inside of our bodies. The truth is that we feel the unconscious injustice we perpetuate within ourselves because we haven’t given this feeling, ourselves, the time of day. ⁠

Anger is asking us to love the one whose eyes we neglect to look into when we gaze in the mirror. ⁠

It is asking us to love ourselves. It is asking us to act and not ignore the urges to love in a profound way; whether that love defined as giving without trying to control the outcome, speaking up for ourselves, receiving love without fear or giving ourselves space to heal. In the chaotic energy of anger that rises up within us exists the flame of transformation that can take us into a fiery, blissful rebirth. But how can such a rancid feeling transform? ⁠

If we give ourselves the space to remember, anger is not bad…it is love disguised in the cloak of pain; pushed down and ignored. It is deep caring covered in disjointedness; us not being in our bodies. It is the longing to shift in the face of fear, but not knowing out own power. But most importantly, we must remember that it starts inside, and we are the sovereign healers of our bodies and minds.

Beneath the fear covering our conscious awareness and our self-compassion (diluted with social conditioning telling us to go to war with our minds and bodies) are the foundations of resurrection: self-love, compassionate understanding and the power of taking responsibility for creating love within. In these three are the key to healing our relationship with ourselves and others. Give yourself what you have been longing for. True healing comes from going inward and embracing yourself as a sovereign over your energy field.


DeeDee Jones


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