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Energy Reading of Covid 19

When the energy of Covid 19 began to register in my energy body as a physical earthquake, I began to feel unrest, fear and mourning in the human collective (UN)consciousness. I asked what it was reflecting to humankind, and this is what I received:

The heart and mind of the human collective energy body is cracking open through this avenue of pain and fear because they have unconsciously operated in pain and fear for so long. Humans have been choking themselves of life force, as the majority have not tapped into or acknowledged their own loving power. Old collective thought patterns teach distrust in self and self-depravity. Humans do not know how to be and breathe life and this way of being starves them on every level of consciousness, from cell to soul.

The breath is a bridge to soul embodiment.

Humanity mourns its own life daily in its struggle to breathe through life as an incomplete, constructed idea of itself. This is strangulation which depletes the lungs, breaking the heart. In this, there is no love infusing the cells and activating the life force, soul energy in the earth plane.

How can a being that does not know how to love itself create love, sustainability, or equality for its planet or its people? The virus reflects humanities overwork, struggle, mindless consumerism, and draining of personal essence. Denying one’s own nature as healer has enabled both individual and collective energy to be culled slowly by distorted beliefs passed down by traumatized generations. Not only the oppressed but the oppressor is drained because it never attains true power, only thirst.

Those who have transitioned have done so quickly and taken the full gestalt healing; becoming the answer to mankinds desires in their next incarnation. You will mourn them and your old self, so take care. Now the universal spirit asks that humans become their own Joy.

The breath is Oneness, Embodied compassion; the interweaving energy that connects us all.

Give yourself the breath of life and in turn, love will flow through and from you easily. This is how the world is healing so that you may breathe the same air again.

Peace Be With You.

DeeDee Jones

March 2020



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