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We Are More Than Fads

I once did not know that I was beautiful and thought it was arrogant to say it. I found my own beauty by understanding societal trends and cultural diversity. Once I understood that my size, color, lips and hair were, for some, a fad and a preference or even something to brag about, I decided I wanted to be more than a superficial concept. I understood that if I did not value myself and create my own thoughts on my beauty, I would be mentally caged and on a rollercoaster of self-esteem controlled by a collective consciousness. A consciousness that was asleep and chained to the idea of fitting in. So as my mommy always enforced, I decided to explore loving my own body, mind and heart.


I decided to see this creation: my body, my emotions and my thought processes as lovable. The more I saw this collection of energies as lovable, the more I saw her as a soul. So, I decided to take her to programs for healing and trainings for self-exploration. I read this wounded spirit books that broke her wide open and awakened a sleeping giant within. This giant understands that in this human body she is many parts: Physically she is a woman, colorfully she is African American, Native American, Trini, Jamaican, and French. Mentally she is logically creative and that sometimes makes her spin. But the most fun part is that she is the It; having no definition and beyond the labels of color and femininity.  

Knowing the power of a woman, she is ecstatic to be birthed as such in this growth transition of her soul but will not be branded by society’s definitions of a woman. Knowing that she is beyond these definitions I also discovered that “It” is all; beyond the boundaries that are set between souls by limiting beliefs. I am everything and I am nothing. This understanding helps me to know that I am not separate from any other human being.