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The Energy Of The Goddess


The energy of the Goddess is of wholeness, transmutation and the Phoenix. This energy exists in us all; male and female. Do not fear your darkness. Do not give the responsibility of its creation away. In that instance you negate your power and your creative gifts of involution and expansion.

The Energy of the Feminine is:

  • Wholeness because when she embodies her true nature, she is a creator through her physical and spiritual bodies. Knowing that darkness and light work in collaboration under her graceful will.

  • Transmutation because her very presence can mute a desolate, thirsty energy and lift its frequency into that of limitless love.

  • The Phoenix because of her willingness to use the human made, illusive tool of death with fervor; knowing that the truth of death is a beautiful, fiery birth into Oneness with the Absolute.

May you feel the fire of the feminine today and understand that she is you. Separation is an illusion. Love, ~DeeDee Jones


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