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Who Are You?

I often entertain the question,”Who am I?” We all do. Why not? It is the question of the ages: Where do I come from?

We spend great lengths of time looking outside of ourselves, into the eyes of others, and into the rear-view mirror of our car to see who we just flipped off to show off our superiority on the road. Some may think it is silly to search and call themselves the personality, the job or the items that they own. We consciously or unconsciously search for gratification or approval every day in the responses we get from others about our work, our food. Some may identify with the drama of the masses. Some may identify with consumerism. Sadly the journey has always been about looking outside.

Just a thought:

Have you looked into your mind. Not the mind created by cultural instinct, societal should’s or fight or flight reaction. The mind beyond the learned mental constructs. The mind of the child that naturally births harmony within to bring forth grand ideas that no one could come up with but you.

Take a moment and breath. Contemplate your journey. Contemplate what lay behind the conversations on who you should be. What was the tension that came up beyond the college talk, the inheritance talk, or the familial barrage of responsibility?

Who are you? You know it. Beyond what you feel is your responsibility to a book, a fashion magazine or a social site.

Meditate and move into the tension and let the tears that your body sheds set you free. The “pain” of it is where the key to the door lies. To cultivate a habit you must move through barriers….to reverse a habit you must move through barriers.

So what will it be?

Peace. DeeDee


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