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A Free Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Abandon

A free mind is a terrible thing to mind is directed towards sovereignty. ~DeeDee Jones⁣

This quote was derived from a United Negro College Fund commercial that went something like this, "My mind is a terrible thing to mind is directed towards learning." It came up this morning as I contemplated energy sovereignty. A beautiful intention that supported a people and a culture that was not always accepted or allowed to learn. I watched this will my young mind and took it on as a responsibility. I took it on as the need to become something.⁣

But with that good intention, a wound was triggered for me. Acclimation. The need to become something else in order to fit into a system born through cycles of pain, manipulation, war and desperation. I do see in that desperation a desire for freedom and peace, but there was also little understanding of what peace and freedom is. With no guidance from their ancestors, cycles of control, projection and war consciousness have been created.⁣

Since my youth I have been diligently clearing my mental field of my psychological imprints: as a human being, a woman, a black woman and an American. I am still, but I realize I was born into that energy and took some of it on. Both my soul and my mind have desired sovereignty, transforming cultural, societal and lineage pain into understanding and love instead of war. Slowing down lately, my heart reminds me to come home again to this deep internal longing.⁣


By seeing and transforming the layers that I have agreed to unconsciously. By freeing myself from societal, cultural, religious and racial boxes. Recognizing that much has been created through pain, not inspired by wholeness. By plopping myself in situations that my society, culture, religion and racial pain say I should not be in. By embracing my relation to every soul on this planet, whether it be by hopes, dreams or experience. Also, by trying not to feed my trauma bonds to individuals and the collective.⁣

My hearts hope is that I can continue to embody this love and healing I am nurturing. I hope you feel it.⁣

Wishing You Love and Wholeness,⁣



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