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The Body Speaks for the Soul

I am grateful for the voice of my body. Especially my little pinky toe who reminded me recently to come home to myself at an even deeper level. My call was for me to slow down and come to a deeper understanding of what I have become and the parts of my deeper self that I wish to bring to the surface. Recent mental transitions have brought a lot of wounds that involve expression or specifically throat chakra energy. For me this is a deep one.⁣


I hope that my sharing supports you. 💚⁣ day for my awareness of the soul-mind-body connection. It grows and grows and has become a habit to tune in. Talking to my body and allows it to communicate it's needs and love for me. Most of the time the way this shows up for me is claire-audience, the intuitive sense of hearing energy (frequency) which is translated into your primary language.⁣

By listening, I believe I was able to avoid more pain and damage. It is important to understand that pain is not an attack but either a call for help, a representation of deep transformation, a call for self-focus or all of the above.⁣

For example, one distortion that stands out for me is cancer. This transformation of the cells is not an attack, but a communication. I would say a better way to meet cancer is to go deeper into reflection and let your body-mind vessel express to you what it needs. To fight it, is to meet a part of yourself as an enemy and not the physical representation of your soul energy.⁣


I learned to connect to my body this way through an operation in the 10th grade that made me become really sensitive, years of treating my tummy badly, physical yoga, reiki and meditation.⁣


Any physical practice can start this journey, but most importantly the stillness that enables you to feel and hear. Every level of your soul's expression, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional deserves your attention. It is a part of you and all of you is important. I believe this type of connection is possible for anyone if you give yourself permission to shift.⁣

I hope that my sharing supports you.💚⁣

So much love.⁣



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