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Sacred Love.

Lately I have been contemplating how we forget sacred love. What I mean by sacred love is that which is innate, omnipresent and omniscient. It is in the makeup of our multi-faceted universe; we don't have to ask for it or pull it towards us. It is there all of the time, calling to us. What distracts us from this deep, intuitive knowing is the constant influx of information coming at us that begs for our attention, whether it be a thought, a person or a thing.

Well, what is it and how do we remember it? So, if you want to awaken this connection, you cannot ask permission, you have to own that it is yours already. You must get quiet and give yourself space.

Here are a few examples of sacred love and how to connect:

1. Your Ancestors

I often find, as an intercessor, that ancestors have been with my clients all along and they had no idea. Know that when your ancestors pass, their energy is not the same as it was on earth. They are more consciously aware, wise and know who you truly are on a soul level. So don't be afraid to connect and receive. To do so, all you need is clear intention and an open mind. Ask your ancestors to connect with you through certain signs, dreams or phenomena like animal contact in the physical world. Or ask for something to happen specific to their habits. Then, let it go and let the magic happen.