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Know Thyself. -Socrates

I like to think of vulnerability as understanding. In this context I mean vulnerability with yourself. To awaken vulnerability with yourself it takes time and deep care. You must be willing to unravel and unearth sensitive memories and experiences.

I definitely recommend it.

In my experience, the more I took to paper to journal, sat in meditation and put myself in safe healing environments, I felt less like a victim of my own mind and more grounded in my own energy. I found that knowing myself is the key to unearthing new paths and the tools of healing that better suit my way of being. But of course, there is more.


Taking the charge to heal yourself opens new doors of clarity but with that clarity must come acceptance. In that clarity and acceptance, you unlock your soul's wisdom. And awakening your wisdom is the precursor to consistent synchronicity and intuition. Not only that but sacred embodiment of your self-designated purpose. This will solidify your knowing that the lighthouse you seek is inside of you.

You can do this. Take it one step at a time with a heart of compassion.

One Love.



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