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Your Inner Child Has Secrets

Look into your heart and you will find the child that wants to love in a healing way and walk in the embodiment of your soul's energy on earth.⁣

  • ⁣Reflect on what you loved.⁣

  • Reflect on the desires that were organic.⁣

  • Let yourself feel the yearning....⁣

Know that true love is still alive and calling to you from beneath the fear of letting go into your greatness....⁣

No need to mourn the loving yearning...The souls love can never die.⁣

If you allow it, all that has transpired in your life, can be transformed into wisdom. This can happen if you take it as a learning and not a judgement. The Universe within is not one of judgement, but wholeness.⁣

Let go of perfection and choose grace.⁣

You are the one that can heal and unravel the secrets to your happiness.⁣

Love, DeeDee


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